Design Works
Our design department carries out the entire design cycle. It prepares design documents including drawings of parts, assemblies, sets and fixtures, develops technical projects and participates in collection of source data. The Company makes full use of modern computer-aided design systems and 3D modelling programs. Our designers often perform innovative works and many of their designs have no parallels.
Manufacturing Fixtures
To put a liner into a particular shape special equipment is required including a moulding tool which is a rigid structure with an internal cavity configuring the future part. Our tool workshop manufactures moulding tools of any complexity and configurations. The advanced methods for processing shaping surfaces ensure high accuracy and minimum manufacture time.
Metal Working
Metal inserts of liners are manufactured in the metalworks shop. In this workshop, the surfaces of inserts are prepared for contact with rubber by means of conditioning, priming and covering with with a special glue. All these operations ensure high adhesion between metal and rubber.
Manufacturing Rubber Mix
Rubber mix is a complex multicomponent system. It is based on resin which predetermines the properties of a future product. Rubber mixes are manufactured from high-quality raw materials which have certificates of conformity. We have been for years cooperating with reliable companies to procure raw materials from them.
Laboratory Analysis
The Company employs highly qualified process engineers who successfully develop new products and select rubber mix formulations according to the desired properties. The laboratory develops and introduces advanced processes and is also in charge of incoming inspection of materials procured and testing products at all stages of the production chain.
Manufacturing IRG
The IRG workshop performs the main process operation of the production chain, i.e. manufacturing rubber elements. Manufacturing a rubber part includes several operations: preparing the rubber mix, plasticising it, filling moulds and, finally, vulcanization.
Our highly-skilled specialists render all range of services promptly and with high quality to minimize for our customers the risks of facing problems during the products’ operation.